Tuesday, December 27, 2016

eita nós

Merry Christmas!
I hope that everyone had the best day. This Christmas was special to me because we were blessed with Simone´s wedding and baptism…in the same day! Haha. Simone´s story is really inspiring. So before we arrived in Juazeiro, the Elders were teaching her, and they found her right after she had lost her newborn baby, Gabriel. She was wondering if God really existed, and why he would take away Gabriel after trusting her with him for just a few days. Heavenly Father knew her fears and her broken heart, and he testified to her when she learned the Plan of Salvation allows our families to be together forever, even after we die. Knowing that Gabriel will always be hers gave her comfort and strength, and her baptism/wedding was BEAUTIFUL. There were tons of obstacles leading up to the wedding day/the wedding day itself, but at least two angels were working to make sure everything was ok: Gabriel and her baby that she´s pregnant with right now!
Also, I finally visited the famous Padre Cicero! He´s like the Sam Houston of Juazeiro, but people also call him founder/mayor/pastor/prophet. His statue is really pretty and it´s on top of a mountain so you can see a perfect view of Juazeiro.
Sister Moon

Wedding Day

Monday, December 19, 2016

mundo feliz

SO updates..

President Leite rented a bus for all of the missionaries that live interior to go to Fortaleza for Christmas Conf & it was lit!!! We traveled from 8 at night until 7 in the morning. All of the sisters got ready in the same bathroom #alsolit Yay for Christmas Vacation!!! Haha. Christmas Conf was soooo fun/awesome/enlightening. We had a bonfire w/o fire because Fortaleza is already catching phire & before everyone left President Leite played guitar and we all sang “How Great Thou Art”. It was a moment so perfect! I felt like I was watching a movie. We played a lot of games, and ate yummy food, and listened to Pres. & Sister Leite, and it was a great day!

We also had our ward Christmas Party & our Bishop asked Sister Wood and I to sing Silent Night in English… Idk if yáll remember last year in Limoeiro when our district did the same thing #dejavu but it actually went well this time! Haha We had a stage and microphones and everything. I felt like Beyonce!!! Until we got to the high notes #sóvai

Our bff Isaque was baptized yesterday. He is awesome! He is a person that is always laughing/smiling/bouncing off the walls and his baptism was no different. He was so happy afterwards that he didn´t want to ride the bus with us to go home. He wanted to run and jump! Haha cray.

Sometimes when I am studying, I start to truly understand who my Savior is. I feel his presence, and I kind of get overwhelmed because my little mind can´t comprehend completely his love for me and for all of us. I feel so grateful that he paid the ultimate price for our sins with JOY. His joy is that we can all repent and have the chance to make it home to live with him. And that is the most amazing thing to me!

So I was thinking, what do we give to our Savior who gave us everything?
We can have joy.
We can repent.
We can forgive.
We can have gratitude even during our trials.
We can let the Savior´s atonement work in our lives.
And if we do this I know that “the peace of God, which passeth all understanding shall keep in our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”- Philippians 4:7
Jesus lives! He lifts us up, heals our hearts, and helps us to truly see and hear. I love him with all of my heart! Like my favorite Elf reference, “I KNOW HIM!!!!” And that is my biggest blessing!

Feliz Natal fam & friends!!!
Love you all!
Sister Moon 

bff´s reunited!!!

 we drove through the night two nights in a row...

Notice my new gold sandals...my chacos broke bc there are lots of mountains here, so I had to buy some new comfortable sandals.  I can't believe i walked through two pairs of chacos!!but they were so comfortable.

 When you forget your selfie stick.... thanks marcello!!!!