Monday, April 25, 2016


Oi!!! Paz e Bênçãos everyone!!!
Today is April 25th… the perfect date!! “Not too hot & not too cold, all you need is a light jacket!” But I BEG TO DIFFER! Hehe. Shoutouts Ceara, Brazil!!!!

This week went by really fast because I was in another area for two days with another sista sista, and also, we had our last interviews with Presidente Fusco. It was really sad!! I´m really excited to get to know our new mission president, Presidente Leite, but it will be SO SAD to see President Fusco go. I feel like every interview with President Fusco I get life advice that is GOLD. This time we talked about trying to be like Jesus. If we try to do the things that he did, and try to love everyone, we can´t be on the wrong path.

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day because we brought three families to church!! It was the best feeling to have all of them there. We talked a lot about temples on Sunday, and I couldn´t stop picturing all of them there! I love that being with our families forever is a part of God´s plan. This week a member´s dog passed away, and he asked me if he will go to heaven. I said, absolutely!!! Did I lie to him?? Lol does anyone know where they actually go?! I hope they go to heaven.

Transfers are ALREADY next week! Pray I get to stay in Horizonte for a little longer, POR FAVOR! Lots and lots of love!!!

Sista Moon  

 selfies with Sister Fusco and granola bars

My trainer's recent convert,  RAIMUNDA!!!! Love the girl.  Shoutouts Sista Sanchez!

 My spirit animal

Our investigators sent us home with a fish...that was a first!  DINNER!!!! hahaha ....don't put this picture on the blog....oops!
Monday, April 18, 2016


Wow this week was full of MIRACLES! I feel like Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries when “Miracles Happen” starts playing and she starts dancing and everyone is happy, except I´m dancing to forro (look it up forealz there is a remake of We Can´t Stop but the singer is saying teeeee amooooo instead). 

In the central part of Horizonte, there are always men using microphones promoting different shops or things that they´re selling, and this week we made friends with one of them, and everytime we pass in front of him now he gives the church a shout out!!! “Visit the church of Mormons!! GO GO GO! Visit the irmazinhas and the Mormons!!!” hahaha This morning we gave him the actual name of the church/address/time so hopefully he´ll bring us some people! It´s become a passion of mine to yell “BOM DIA HORIZONTE!” in the microphone and then have everyone yell back “Bom Dia!!” There´s no better way to start the day.
This week we didn´t stop walking/teaching.  Three people were baptized, and all three of them are so special to me!! Pedro Enrique, Juscelino, and Liduina are angels!! I always leave lessons with them feeling happier and lighter. They are people that just make you smile. Liduina´s baptism was extra special because she was the only member of her family not baptized yet. She is an extraordinary person, and it was so cool/spiritual to be a part of her baptism. Her kids were so happy and they had a big group hug afterwards. I felt like heaven was literally having a festa. It was BEAUTIFUL!
Everything with me is all good and it´s actually better than good. I´m really really happy. Don´t forget how much your Savior loves you this week!!
            TE AMO,

Seeeester Moon

Liduina and her family

 Pedro Enrique is the brother of Pedro Vitor who was baptized last week.

Juscelino is really cool!!
Monday, April 11, 2016


Monday, April 4, 2016


 HELLO EVERYONE!!! This week was a miracle week! Literally never in my life have I seen so many things happen so easily with faith. Starting with Darlene!! She looks just like Selena Gomez and loves Justin Beiber so it´s perfect. For six weeks the sisters and her were trying to get permission from her mom for her to be baptized. On saturday she fasted and her Mom was like “if she wants to be baptized it´s her decision.” LOL what?!?! GLORIA. This was Sunday around 10:30ish AM. In between this and her baptism at 7 pm, I got super sick, I went to the hospital to get a shot for a high fever (don´t worry mom I´m better now!), and the baptismal font was full of ants!!! Not just little ants but HUGE ants, and it wasn´t just the font it was the entire room. You couldn´t walk with out stepping on ants. Some were alive, most of them were dead, but it was the most bizarre thing ever!! It was just this room that was full of ants. When we went to her house to pick her up for the baptism, we came back to the church, and all of the ants were dead, and about half of them disappeared. GOD IS SO GOOD. Seriously I could not have dealt with this problem alone. All of the young men helped clean it up, and she was baptized without a single ant bite!
                Also, Everardo was baptized. He is super chill, and walked out of his baptism saying “I will never forget today! Today my life is starting over.” He really had a change of heart, and understands that he is on the right path. This makes me so happy! I´m so happy to be in Horizonte, and with my companheira Sister Araujo. She is really great!
                TCHAU TCHAU POR AGORA,

 Everardo baptism

 Darlene Baptism

 Young Men cleaning font in a different building and getting rid of ants.

My hair has been cray with all of this rain!!

 Leaving Sister Santos - last area