Monday, December 28, 2015

"If you're reading this, Papai Noel was here" - Drake

"OY!"  I hope everyone had a fun Christmas and if you didn't eat cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, please eat one for me right now!

Our district received a special surprise from President Fusco this week - we got to travel to Fortaleza for Natal!  Honestly, I'm so thankful we were able to go, because all of our members were going out of town & Christmas was looking a little bleak.  My companion and another Elder in my district spent almost their whole missions in the same area in Fortaleza, so we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with families that they knew well from their previous service areas.  Our mission has a house for the "interior sisters" to stay in when we come to Fortaleza for an interview, doctors appt, conference, etc.  and its so fun!  I love the sisters that live at the "Casa de Apoio,"  and we all went caroling/visiting members on Christmas Eve.  We were singing in Portuguese to people I didn't know, but I was able to listen to people bear their testimonies of Jesus Christ, and I was able to talk about how much I love him too!  A spirit of love entered peoples' homes, and that's the message of Natal!  Jesus Christ was born for love.  It was a really special Christmas - I still wanted my family and friends, but it was still a lot of fund, AND I GOT TO SKYPE MY FAM, Que bençao!

Fun Facts of the week:
  1. I never knew I was afraid of clowns until one chased me down the street  - 3 stray dogs started to run with me lolz.  The clown ended up being really nice.  he just wanted to sell us candy!  I'm still glad the dogs had my back though. 
  2. If you ever miss me, look up Gusttavo Lima and I'm probably singing/dancing to one of his songs in the street.  He's a homie!
  3. I've noticed Limoeiro is REALLY abundant in two things lately:  Churches and Acai Bowl places.  To all my Provo Gurlz - ya'll would be in Heaven!  But its still no Ivies.
  4. I can finally tell the difference between gunshots and fireworks!!  It makes life a lot easier.
  5. Yesterday the Elders had a baptism, but they couldn't find a pool to use so for two hours yesterday we walked around Limoeiro asking people if they had a pool.  I felt like a girl scout!!  Nobody had a pool, but we met a lot of new nice people and the Elders had their baptism in a water park!  #goals


Seesta Moon

The highlight of our Christmas breakfast

The ying to my yang in Fortaleza, SISTA RUSHING

district meetings are nothing without the pole de selfie

Monday, December 21, 2015

Early Feliz Natal & Happy New Year!

Christmas Conference was amazing.  I got to see all of my friends from the CTM and meet everyone else in my mission.  Out of all of the North Americans, probably 50% are from Texas #represent.  President Fusco and Sister Fusco do a really good job at making us feel at home with lots of decorations and PANCAKES #therealmvp - I still miss your waffles more though, Dad!  We also watched Kung Fu Panda in Portuguese - not the same, but still!

When we got home, we had one normal day and then Neide and Vilamar's wedding the next!  They got married in Quixarda (about an hour and a half west of Limoero do Norte) and it was so fun!  They were so happy & glowing!  Quixarda is SO cool.  There are basically huge rocks that aren't really mountains, but not really hills either & one is shaped like a rooster.  We also got to see the other missionaries in that area at the wedding, so it was good to see them again even though it had only been two days since conference.

Neide and Vilamar were baptized yesterday!  They were already the sweetest, kindest people ever, but their eyes were so sparkly and full of love when they came out of the water.

I'm 1 out of 3 North Americans in Limoeiro - so I look different and get a lot of questions, but I love it because when people ask me why I came all the way from the USA to interior (state of) Ceara, Brazil, I get to point to Jesus' name on my name tag and tell them how much I love my Savior.  So in the spirit of Natal, I want to share with y'all my testimony of my best Friend and my Redeemer!

Jesus Christ understands me perfectly, he even understands my Portuguese perfectly - which I know is no easy task!  I know that even though he was buried in a tomb, that he lives.  Just like I miss my family, I know he misses us.  He wants us to do everything we can to return back to Him & He wants/is willing to help us!  We are special to Him!  We are engraven on the palms of His hands.  Giving us salvation was in no way easy for Him, but He was willing to save us because He loves us.  I know he left his loving Father from the most glorious place to come to earth to suffer every kind of physical and spiritual pain - all of our pains.  I know your name crossed His mind in Gethsemene & that he knows just how hard your trials are because He's already been there.  I'm trying to grow closer to Him everyday because that is where I am happiest.  I know that when you trust your everything in Him, that he will take the best care of you.  He has the power to give us renewed hope, to mold us perfectly, and to love us unconditionally.  I pray everyday to be a little worthier to wear His name, the name that brought the most marvelous of good tidings of great joy to the Earth.  I love Him with all of my heart, and I'm so happy he was born.   Merry Christmas!

I love you all very much.  Watch a lot of Charlie Brown & eat some pie for me.


Seester Moon

"nothing is small where love is big"

Watermelon is amazing here, but we hate carrying it to our house.
A cool gym/park by our house.
This is our group at local congregation Christmas Party

The first time my comp has seen rain here and she goes home to Columbia next transfer

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

vai dar certo


This week was so great for a few different reasons! First, someone guessed I was Italian and not American yesterday. Maybe my accent is improving-- but I think that´s wishful thinking, and I´m just getting tanner. Also, I heard "Run The World" in a convenience store WITH air conditioning, and I was in heaven. Tears were almost shed when she gave a shout-out to Houston, Texas. Most importantly though, Andreza was able to get baptized! I absolutely ADORE this cute, little menina. She is twelve years old, and has such a strong testimony. When her mom finally allowed her to get baptized, she was crying tears of joy! It was so sweet. I´m so happy Andreza was able to find us so that we could help her find someone to love her and help her perfectly-- and so much more than we can. Her Savior! It was his love that softened her Mom´s heart, and his love that gave Andreza the desire to know him better!

Since the church is just starting in Limoeiro, and we just have a teeny-tiny group, there aren´t any baptismal fonts close by, and the ponds don´t have any water in them right now, so we use swimming pools! 

I honestly don´t know who´s pool we were using, but an Irma in our group called ahead and asked if we could use their pool for a baptism. We show up, and there is a literal festa/party/rager going on in this pool. I wish someone were there to take a picture of the missionaries´faces, because all of our jaws were dropped. BUT, vai dar certo, the show must go on! The party people were super nice, and turned off their music for the baptism, and then we said "tchau tchau" really fast and left!

Today I arrived in Fortaleza for the mission Christmas conference, and I´m so excited! Also, Neide and Vilamar get married this week. After 3 kids and 20ish years of being together, they are sealing the deal so they can get baptized! I´m so happy for them! Neide is my mom away from mom, and they both are just the best. Today marks two months in Brazil! It´s starting to go by fast.

Hugs, kisses, and warm wishes!
678- triple 9-8212
Seesta Moon
Monday, December 7, 2015


I already feel at home here.  I couldn't have a better companion/roommates/district/group!  The language is clicking and I have "halleluja" moments everyday when words that I've only heard once or twice are brought to my remembrance.  That's how I know how much Heavenly Father must love his children, because I can't do that on my own!

I would like to say that I'm getting used to the bugs too, but I'm not!  There was some sort of preganant bug in our house this week and my roommates were taking pictures of it - I immediately killed it because - ew & they didn't get pictures - lolz oops, but there will not be any insect filhos in minha casa!

Also, I have my first experience without running water and showering with a bucket!  I'm a real brazilian missionary now.  I've never thought about all of the things we need water for until now - mad respect to whoever has done this before!  I'm dying haha.

On the bright side/more important side, lots of people want to get baptized!   We also have a wedding!  I'm so excited for planning the festa.  I knew that choosing event planning for ISM  (high school program) would pay off some day! s/o Kristin  s/o Mrs. Secord  [note on the wedding:  There are many couples that have families and are together, but not actually married because of the cost.  I loveeee this couple!  The are both 38 and they are really really sweet.  They give us fruit and are really nice about my Portuguese and they are getting married next week and then baptized the week after!

This quote from Deiter F. Uchtdorf from conference basically sums up what our main message to our investigators has been, and its so true!

"God will take you as you are at this very moment and begin to work with you.  All you need is a willing heart, a desire to believe, and trust in the Lord."

Happy late birthday Mak, Brad, and Chong!  Eu amo voces!  HEBD Miss Bailey High!  Wish you were here to get #fitbitgainz

Tchau Tchau now y'all   *to the tune of cha cha slide*

Seesta Moon

If there is anyone I'm always asking to speak slower, "Mais devegar por favor,"  it's these two.  I love them!  They teach me cool things like "Miss Mary Mack"  in Portuguese.  Kauana and Elayne were my first friends here!

My contribution to our district meeting was "Selfie Joga Forca"  - It was important enough to make the board!  Yay

My companheira gave me the best mani/pedi ever!

If I see a bug, I kill it with whatever is in my hand - this time it was my hymn book!

This is the not so homeless cat I see everyday.  We're a lot closer than we look, but I still don't want rabies!!

This is where we have church.  47 people came on Sunday, but  our goal is 80!  8 of our investigators came.