Monday, March 28, 2016

minha vida é top

BUENOS DIAS!!! I changed my language because I changed áreas, companheiras, and age this week (I´m 21 like WHAT?!) so why not?! Hehe. 

Seriously I can´t believe I already left Pedras!! I was loving it. The people there are so so so wonderful. I already arrived in my new area this morning, Horizante! It´s a little more interior (YAY), but still in the same stake, zone/district as Pedras. Also, there isn´t a ward or a church building here, but we do have a branch that meets in a school. Although I was really liking my area and my companion, this change will be good! Horizante reminds me a lot of Limoeiro (my first area), so I already have a good/home-y feeling here. My companheira is Sister Araujo da Silva from Minas Gerais, Brazil, and she is super energetic, so this transference will be really fun.
My birthday was SO SO fun!!! My ward surprised me with a Family Home Evening that was actually a surprise party. Irma Regiane sent us a text asking me to prepare a spiritual thought for this “family home evening”, so I was thinking it really was a normal family home evening with some ward members. After the surprise, someone asked me to share my thoughts and I thought it was the message I was supposed to prepare, but then he said “no, no just your thoughts about being one year older” lolz THE RELIEF. I felt the love so much! It was a perfect way to say bye to people that I will miss SO MUCH for only knowing for 6 weeks.
I´m soooo excited for General Conference this week. Write down your questions & get your answers Saturday and Sunday!! In the words of Sister Freitas/Sister Santos/Sister Sanchez e agora eu, “VAI SER SHOW/TOP”

Sista Moon

Monday, March 21, 2016

VALHA minha nossa senhora

hey!! what´s up!! hello!!  (lex, I hope this is still your twitter bio). 
This week was so busy/fun! We went to a different part of our zone for two days to invite people to the musical, "Jesus the Christ". Sister Santos and I ONLY wanted a picture with Jesus, but we missed him every time! haha literally everyone got a picture with him besides us. His voice was really cool & he actually looked like all of the pictures of Jesus. It was super realistic. 
 Almost everything that could have gone wrong yesterday, went wrong, but the good news is, Samylla was baptized! We started teaching her and her sisters a month ago, and yesterday was finally the day for her! So we left around 7:30ish to pick everyone up, and walk to church together, but we had basically tsunami rain to the point where I couldn´t see what was in front me, IT BROKE MY UMBRELLA PEOPLE!! We decided to call Irma Beth to pick us up because nobody besides crazies would want to walk to church in that storm, but we were out of credit to call people/our phone was almost dead lol #pelafe. We were out of credit because it took me 10 minutes to order pizza because apparently I can´t say the word mozzarella PERFECTLY in portuguese haha literal white girl probs. Anyway, a miracle happened, and our phone had just enough battery to call our District Leader & he called ANGEL Irma Beth who picked us up. Samylla was so excited for her baptism! Her foot came out of the water the first time, so she had to be baptized again, and she was so happy for "another baptism", I love her!! She is so funny. 
Happy early Easter!!! My angel mother already sent me starburst jellybeans & recess eggs, so all is right in the world. I´m thankful for a Savior who LIVES. He is my everything! I´m so so thankful and happy that we can live with him again. 
Sister Moon
 When you are at a musical that is also #turnt

Some of the cast for the "Jesus the Christ" musical

Samylla's baptism yesterday

Monday, March 14, 2016

entouuu beleza OLAAAAAA!

First of all, HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE BROTHER!!! Everyone hit him up with instagram follows and bday wishes!!! Hehe. 

This week was fab. We had a miracle baptism of my new bff LUCIANA! It was a miracle because literally we met her through a member of the church from a different city. Ruth was visiting last Sunday, and we became friends and she told us that she had a friend who lives in our area who wants to meet us. #BLESSED! Literally how did this happen to us!? We visited Luciana with Ruth for the first time on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, Luciana called us & said that she received an answer to her prayers and knows that she wants to be baptized. Luciana is so swag & she was an answer to MY prayers. The pictures look like we are in a trio with Ruth, and it´s so fitting because she was such a good missionary to her friend! Both Luciana and Ruth have so much courage & are such good sassy brasiliera examples for me.

Today, I finished 5 months in Brazil! I feel so lucky to get 13 more with such vibrant, pure-hearted, Micheal Jackson loving, people.

Deep thought of the week in the words of Drake, “know ya self, know ya worth” PARA SEMPRE!

Paz e saude e amor e Gustavo Lima,

Sista LUA

p.s.  Last night I got to call sister Freitas (my last companion in Limoero) because I needed to get a phone number of a woman there....she gave me an update on Neide and Vilamar. Vilamar is passing the sacrament and wearing dress clothes for church now and I´m so happy about this!! Also Neide has a calling in young womens.  It was so great to hear from her and get an update on the members continued progress there!

Luciana's Baptism


When it´s so hot that you´re blocking out the haters but also sharing the #message



Thursday, March 10, 2016


How are my favorite people in the world?! This week was cray. Every day this week a literal crazy person found my companion and I, and wanted to be our best friend hahaha. Maybe we are actually the crazy people?? Idk. But anyway, the funniest was this old woman who looked really sweet and friendly from far away. We were walking down the street, and she called out "sisters!" We were way excited that she already knew that we were missionaries. She handed me a hair clip, and asked me if I could unlock her door for her... I actually tried because I´ve seen people do that bobby pin trick lolz, but it didn´t work! She started to cry and was acting like she was going to fall down so we tried to calm her down, and asked if she wanted to sit down, but she DID NOT want to sit down, just for us to hold her up I guess! The funniest part was everytime a person would walk by she stopped crying, and acted completely fine, and when they left she told us that we can´t leave #terrifying. Eventually her daughter showed up, and we left. Oh and she was from Limoeiro do Norte!! SHOUT OUTZZZ MY HOMIES.

 A verse I focused on this week was Ephesians 4:32 

"And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you. "

It is my #meta #goalz because aren´t we all trying to love one another like Jesus loves us?! With all of the crazies this week, and just normal life stuff, it´s been important for me to try to see people how their parents, or how their Heavenly Father sees them. Because of our Savior, and because of his Atonement, we are never lost! Just a little confused sometimes. In the words of my girl Fergie Ferg, where is the love?!?!


Seesta Moon

My Clique

 service w/ giant fruit and my girl maria/ sister sprock

my squad!!!!!!