Monday, October 24, 2016

pois não

This week was so special because Elder Mark Bassett toured our mission, and held a mission conference with us. It was especially special, because I had the opportunity to be interviewed by him! We shook hands and sat down and he started to answer all of the questions that I had ready to ask him without me even asking! I was shocked and so happy to feel that Heavenly Father wanted to answer me, and he did so through Elder Bassett. It was cool because he is learning Portuguese right now, and he told me that we are going to talk in “portenglish” I tried to speak English like a normal person, but it was hard to find the words for some things!! Sister Nicoli is fluent in English so I think we are going to start training lol.

Speaking of Sister Nicoli, she is an angel!! And so fun! It is a dream come true to be comps. I don´t know if I said this last week or not, but our ward has another set of sisters now, and they stayed where almost all of the recent converts are and Sister Nicoli and I are starting in another neighborhood. It was so fun to see everyone at church on Sunday because I can´t visit them during the week now, and Edina (owner of the French fry truck) promised me to that she´s going to bring French fries every Sunday for church. Hahaha I told her that it´s ok and that I don´t need it but I have no doubts that everyone will be eating French fries on Sunday. #barraqueira

One thing that Elder Bassett told me that I loved was that in order to keep the feelings you have during “spiritual highs” like missions, or when you’re reading your scriptures every day, or when you´re going to the temple on the reg is to keep making sacrifices for other people. When Jesus was on the Earth, everything He did was for others.  He didn´t stop to do anything just for himself. Our lives are a little bit different because many times we have to do things for ourselves like (study, get a job, etc.), but the way that we will know Jesus the best, and try to be more like him is through serving others. Like the hymn “Have I Done any Good in the World Today”, if we just try a little bit every day to help someone smile, make someone´s day, or help someone out, our lives will be filled with love and purpose.

“My beloved (brothers and) sisters in Christ, God is real.
He lives.
He loves you.
He knows you.
He understands you.
He knows the silent pleadings of your heart.
He has not abandoned you.
He will not forsake you.
It is my testimony and apostolic blessing to each one of you that you will feel in your heart and mind  
this sublime truth for yourselves. Live in faith, dear friends, dearsisters, and “the Lord [our] God [will]  
increase you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised!” –Deiter F. Uchtdorf

Eu amo vocês, viu!!!!
Sista Moon

Note from Mallory's parents.....  we received the following email with Subject Line "There is beauty in Brazil!" on Sunday 10/23/16...

Dear Brother and Sister Moon,

I just finished an assignment touring the Fortaleza Brazil East Mission. While there I had the privilege of interviewing your daughter. I am certain that you are very proud of her. You should be! She is bright, energetic and has the countenance of a powerful missionary. I was so impressed with her energy, her love for the people she serves and her testimony. Thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter.

I pray that you will recognize the blessings coming to you as a result of your missionary's service.

All my best to you from Brazil.

With admiration,

Elder W. Mark Bassett

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shoutouts to my bff!!!!

 Suelen´s baptism

Isaque and his saint angel mother Graça

Corbin Bleu/Isaque!!!! #coisamaisfofa

#8isgreat I love this family!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

dona da casa

So yesterday was transfers and today the club is going up on a Tuesday!!!! My new companion is Sister Nicoli, and she arrived in Fortaleza with me one year ago!! In the CTM we always said that one day we would be companions and that day arrived! Haha I´m so excited. Also, we are living with two other Sistas, Sister Nevin from TEXAS and Sister Boldrin from São Paulo! It´s a party, and I´m loving it.
I´m super happy to stay in Ala Castelo because I feel like everyone here is my family. Sometimes members call me just to make sure I´m putting on sunscreen #blessed. I´m starting to learn how to cook and I haven´t burnt down our apartment yet, but I made rice turn black #doubleblessed. 
We sang “I Stand All Amazed” during sacrament this week, and I had the best feeling in my heart that it really “is wonderful” to be here. I wouldn´t trade this experience for anything! 
Sister Moon
Monday, October 10, 2016

muito da nada

No time to write a letter this week....just a few pics from the week

Ana Paula's baptis was so awesome!  Before she went underwater she said 'one moment please, I need to control my hair'  haha I love her.

Squad goals?? I love these people!

Monday, October 3, 2016

roberto claudio: pode ter certeza vai acontecer

Remember that feeling when summer ends, and it´s Sunday night, and school starts the next day?? That´s how I feel r because General Conference is over! Haha, it´s the best and the worst because you are excited for school, but you want summer to last forever. Wouldn´t it be great if we could drink Diet Coke and listen to the prophet and apostles talk all day every day?? I would love it, but then at the same time we would never have the opportunity to practice what we´ve learned and make the changes in our lives that the spirit told us we need to make. I loved, loved, loved this weekend! I want to read all of the talks all over again because I´ve already forgotten so much, but Deiter F. Uchtdorf´s talk about the Plan of Salvation became a treasure of my heart! I don´t remember exactly word for word what he said, but he asked the question, “remember the first time you believed that you really are a son/daughter of God? .. He then explained that “we tread the path covered in diamonds but we can rarely distinguish them from ordinary pebbles”. God´s plan is so perfect and so grand, but sometimes we fail to recognize who we really are & also who our Heavenly Father really is!

These past few weeks we have been teaching this to a woman named Katia and her daughters! She has a son who is serving a mission in São Paulo (the same mission as caylee shoutoutzzz), and her husband died two years ago. When we taught her about temples and that she will be able to see her husband again, she was so happy! Her eyes lit up and she felt a new kind of hope directly from Heavenly Father. It was amazing! She was baptized this week with her daughter Leticia, and the best friend of her son who is on a mission baptized them. It was incredible!

Fun Fact: this week ended the political propagandas in Fortaleza (HALLELUJAH), but the sad part was that I totally missed my chance to be on TV. I don´t know if I told yáll but a while ago I literally had a dream that I was hosting a talk show in Brazil, and then I was asked to do a TV interview in the street yesterday.  But since we don't get involved or respond to any political type questions, my dream of being on Brazilian TV came to a quick end. Ugh, missed chances ya feel!! haha

Paz & Blessings pham!!!!

Sista Moon