Monday, January 30, 2017

valeu moral

BOM DIA!!!!!
I want to share with yáll a story from Henry B. Erying about his father.
Let me encourage you by telling you a story. It was told to me by my father. He told it with the intent to chuckle at himself. It was a story about his trying to do his duty, just the way you try to do your duty.
Now you have to know a little bit about my father. His name was Henry Eyring, like mine. He had done some of the things students of this university are preparing to be able to do. His work in chemistry was substantial enough to bring the honors some of you will someday have, but he was still a member of a ward of the Church with his duty to do. To appreciate this story, you have to realize that it occurred when he was nearly eighty and had bone cancer. He had bone cancer so badly in his hips that he could hardly move. The pain was great.
Dad was the senior high councilor in his stake with the responsibility for the welfare farm. An assignment was given to weed a field of onions, so Dad assigned himself to go work on the farm.
Dad never told me how hard it was, but I have met several people who were with him that day. I talked to one of them on the phone the other night to check the story. The one I talked to said that he was weeding in the row next to Dad through much of the day. He told me the same thing that others who were there that day have told me. He said that the pain was so great that Dad was pulling himself along on his stomach with his elbows. He couldn’t kneel. The pain was too great for him to kneel. Everyone who has talked to me has remarked how Dad smiled, and laughed, and talked happily with them as they worked in that field of onions.
Now, this is the joke Dad told me on himself, afterward. He said he was there at the end of the day. After all the work was finished and the onions were all weeded, someone asked him, “Henry, good heavens! You didn’t pull those weeds, did you? Those weeds were sprayed two days ago, and they were going to die anyway.”
Dad just roared. He thought that was the funniest thing. He thought it was a great joke on himself. He had worked through the day in the wrong weeds. They had been sprayed and would have died anyway.
When Dad told me this story, I knew how tough it was. So I said to him, “Dad, how could you make a joke out of that? How could you take it so pleasantly?”
He said something to me that I will never forget, and I hope you won’t. He said, “Hal, I wasn’t there for the weeds.”
Now, you’ll be in an onion patch much of your life. So will I. It will be hard to see the powers of heaven magnifying us or our efforts. It may even be hard to see our work being of any value at all. And sometimes our work won’t go well.
But you didn’t come for the weeds. You came for the Savior. And if you pray, and if you choose to be clean, and if you choose to follow God’s servants, you will be able to work and wait long enough to bring down the powers of heaven.
What optimism he had! And faith! And love for his Savior!
This week was a giant onion patch! Haha. Our little street was invaded with gossipers and every other kind of temptation. It was devastating. We love our friends there, and we wanted to see them happier, but everything has a purpose. I´m grateful for opportunities to learn and grow from our difficulties because we learned to not give up!
We received sooo many blessings on blessings this week AFTER all of the bad things happened. A guy that we´ve been teaching for a long time FINALLY went to church this Sunday and he loved it! We are finding so many good people to teach, but actually they are finding us, like calling us in the street to come and talk to them. #ble$$ed
Also, we went to Caldas (a park with hot springs/waterfalls/sports/neature) last Monday and it was so pretty! It looks like Sundance in springtime from the pictures.
Ta ta por now (is that like three languages or what??)

Ciele!!! #bff


  1. I needed this encouragement this week, sweet Mallory! :-) Thank you for sharing! <3

  2. Chorei muito agora vendo o este blog. Sinto falta dessas experiências maravilhosas. Amei ter sido companheira da Sister Moon. Aprendi muito com ela, foi uma vida de aprendizado com ela. Espero encontrá-la de novo nesta Terra. Obrigada Kelly Moon, você é uma excelente mãe.. Um grande abraço.