Monday, February 13, 2017

bah cara


I am on cloud nine!!! This week was the best. On Tuesday we had a leadership meeting in Fortaleza, so we had the whole afternoon before our bus left to visit my recent converts in Messejana! It was like a movie! When I entered Edina´s street, she was leaving on her bike to buy bread, and she saw us and screamed “I don´t believe it!!” and she dropped her bike and came running to hug us and everyone cried and it was wonderful. Giovanna and Tais came running and SISTER BOLDRIN just happened to be visiting them so it was a huge reunion. 

Giovanna said, “My birthday is tomorrow and when I found out you were in Fortaleza I was praying that we would have a way to see each other” my heart!!!

Sister Wood and I are both close to finishing our missions (she goes home next week which makes me sad L ) , but we both want to see so many more miracles before leaving, so we started to read a talk that´s about “calling upon the powers of heaven” and it´s helped us a lot. We are praying a lot together to know where to go and who to talk to, and Heavenly Father is leading us to people that have literally been waiting their whole lives to hear this message. 

This week Joaquina and Claudio went to church in Juazeiro for the first time. About 20 years ago, Claudio was baptized in São Paulo, but due to moving a lot for work, he stopped going. After a while, he married Joaquina and she never got to know the church until one day when Sister Wood and I passed her in the street and we asked her for water. She started to tell us about her family and about Claudio, and we NEVER met Claudio. For 6 weeks we were passing by trying to find him in his house and he was never there!! But finally on Saturday night, we found Joaquina on the street and she was like “Claudio and I are going to church tomorrow!!”.. and they went! They both loved it, and they will bring there 3 kids this next Sunday. God is so good! I love this family.

Also, Robério was baptized! He bore his testimony afterwards saying that he feels like Heavenly Father will help him be a better person now, and less timid (because he hates talking in front of people) haha. So just him sharing his testimony in front of everyone was a huge victory! I´m so proud of him and his decision.

I read this week that “faith without works is dead, but works without faith is also dead” and that´s so TRUUU!
Love you all! Have the best week!!

Sister Moon

This was our activity that we planned for our investigators. It was human fuesball and it was really fun!!! It was supposed to also have water and soap on the floor so that people would slip and fall (in to temptation for our object lesson lol) buuuuut we forgot the soap & the buckets!!! so it was more like soccer with ropes and ya girl got GOALS!!! 

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