Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Oxe! Top das Galáxias!

I can´t explain to yáll how great this week was. For starters, Sister Nicoli and I are companions, again!!! I can´t believe it! I´m so greatful that I´ll end my mission with a companion that is so happy and fun and already such a good friend to me!
She reminds me of all the Beyonce lyrics I´ve foroten and teaches me all of the coolest slang like "top das galáxias". JK, she actually explained that it´s a phrase that moms and dads use when trying to be be cool. Very Phil diffy! And now I can´t stop saying it. 
Speaking of cool moms, I want t give a s/o to my mom who helped us a lot this week. For a while now, we´ve been teaching Hermeson. He is BFF with a member, and for years he´s been coming to church. He even saw Neil L. Anderson speak when he came to Juazeiro. Hermeson loves the church, and he recieved a strong answer to his prayer when he asked if the church was true, but he was needing more courage to be baptized. On Saturday, I was looking through my things, and I found a talk that my mom sent me about learning the language of the spirit.  
We paraphrased this quote for Hermeson:
"What do you do when you have prepared carefully, have prayed fervently, waited a reasonable time for a response, and still do not feel an answer? You may want to express thanks when that occurs, for it is an evidence of Heavenly Father´s trust. When you are living worthily and our choice is consistent with the Savior´s teachings and you need to act, proceed with trust. As ou are sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit, one of two things will certainly occur at the appropriate time: eiter the stupor of thought will come, indicating an improper choice, or the peace or the burning in the bosom will be felt, confirming that your choice was correct. When you are living righteously and are acting ith trust, God will nt let you proceed too far without a warning impression if you have made the wrong decision." - Richard G. Scott
Afterwards, we shared our testimonies with him about how we are blessed when we act in faith, and Hermeson decided then to be baptized on the same day. Thanks mom for sending me what he needed to hear!
Carnaval started this week and last night there were tons of marching bands in the street, and I felt like I was at a pep rally! Literally, it´s like a football game. People threw flour on each other, spray paint their hair, and go crazy! Today is more like the Walking Dead because nobody is in the street! 
Sista Moon

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